Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zango, Spam, Routers, FCC, Fires, UFOs!!

Got some action this morning already, so lets get to them.

First up is a disturbing new incarnation for a site which PG had previously written about, but this time its turned itself into a teen date site. Teens meaning 13 year olds!! Oh and Zango is involved. Can you say you're surprised? I can't.

Then a security vendor is claiming that in a corporate environment over 90% of emails received are spam. I'm glad I don't work in an corporate environment.
Or any 'work' environment actually. LOL

There is a report that most home routers are vulnerable to remote take over. So you better read up and make sure you're protected.

Comcast is being investigated by the FCC about its Internet filters. With lots of users complaining I guess it makes sense to see wtf is going on.

PC vendors Dell and HP are sued over fire damage claims by a couple of different people. One case disfigured a daughter of a complainant. Another burned down a business. Not exactly the kind of 'hot' press you wanna see if your the PR guy eh?

Live in Texas? If so did you see the UFOs??? Did ya, did ya??

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