Friday, March 08, 2013 temp down

Due to an issue with my credit card, the site hosting was not renewed.

Last July my home was robbed and I canceled all our credit cards so this didn't get renewed as it should have.

Also would have helped had they added some type of notice to the subject line instead of leaving it like the one I get every single day regarding resources.

I'm trying to get in touch with them to get it paid up.

Need to check them more closely I suppose. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

IAC\ASK Unwanted ineffective(except to make them $$$)Toolbar Installation Practices

From Ben Edleman, a full accounting of what IAC\ASK does to get a toolbar installed. Any toolbar they can make up. Some are a real stretch and plenty of them target kids

And goodness knows the results of having any of these is actually a lesser quality of search results, not to mention all kinds of intrusive system changes, all designed to make IAC\ASK a ton of money

IAC Toolbars and Traffic Arbitrage in 2013