Monday, July 31, 2006

The Skinny On Warner Bros, Zango & Porn

Well it seems an article posted on digg incorrectly stated some facts in the relationship with Zango and porn. As it turns out (if you followed this, you're aware), Zango was not distributing porn but their association with YapBrowser certainly didn't help matters. Paperghost gives the lowdown on the facts.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Warner Bros. Drop Zango Over Porn

Well hot on the heels of Zango being exposed for advising affiliates on how to insert their software onto MySpace, comes great news!!

Warner Bros. is dumping Zango as an adware vendor!!

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Zango:Busted Advising Affiliates On MySpace

Another chapter, this the latest in a series of amazing articles chronicling just how Zango pushes their software on MySpace.

But this time we have a confirmed, (by Zango)legit email to one of thier affiliates on how to proceed and suggestions on how much to pay and how to link to other Zango sites. Things like moving gifs because according to the email, 'people love that sh*t". And also mentioning adding in a karate guy doing flips, because it turns out that it's 'wayyyy more profitable'

Here is a snippet from the email:

"Zango is fairly new with MySpace sites and it took me some time to see what works and what doesn't." "Put one of our videos on to your MySpace profiles and all of your friends will see it" ...more profitably, *go to a bunch of your friends* who have popular profiles and pay them (it's up to you so much. One of my partners said 5$..maybe offer to split the money with them?) to put a Zango video into their profile through your site. This will give you hundreds of extra installs a day (this probably works even better than having them on your actual site).

So for all the posturing Zango has been doing you can only imagine how much this is going to twist the Zango PR guys shorts. And I bet he thought he was going to have the weekend off too.

Guess again scum, because if there is one thing we all know is that
Paperghost never takes time off. And is always honing his killer moves against adware bad guys.

Full read w\links @ VitalSecurity

Friday, July 21, 2006

Zango Bait & Switch

Zango once again gets capped in another drive-by 'zealot' attack. At least they would lead you to believe it's some sort of vendetta.

Anyone with half a brain could see right through all their excuses and double speak. Read More Here

New Version WinPatrol v10.0.3 [July 21]

BillP continues to improve upon Scotty's abilities to ensure users are safe, offering another version with some bug fixes and a requested feature. Read More Here

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Zango + Teen Site = Pr0n

Well it seems that once again, Zango, our favorite provider of adware found in some amazingly perverse content, has been exposed by Paperghost.

They really should just add him to the payroll, he does more to regulate their affiliates that the guy who is supposed to be doing it for them. Read More Here

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Rogue? ProtectionBar

Looks like this app is one in the same as the others in the SmithFraud family. Panda claims to have found it. Read More Here

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Adware Vendor Using MySpace

Still yet another case of an adware company using MySpace to spread its bundles of 'joy'. This is the second company in two weeks caught doing this. Lets hope MySpace gets on the ball and tries to do something about it. Until then, MySpace users beware.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

More Zango & MySpace Shenanigans

Well after getting some negative press back in May, the newly formed but still-doing-business-as-usual 180Solutions-cum Zango is once again duping users on MySpace.

See, you really can't change the spots on a leopard. Or is that the stripes on a zebra? Regardless, read more here

Friday, July 07, 2006

New Rogue: SpyHeal

This rogue is very new and so far no users have claimed to be infected by it, but give it time, they will begin to popup by weekends end I'm sure. I even took the time to add a comment as a reviewer of the app for SiteAdvisor. Read More Here

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Infection Removal Tools Updated

Several specialty tools were updated today with new
variants and better scanning and fixing: