Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Git Yer Vista Info Here!

I'll be keeping a fairly close eye on Vista related stuffage now that it is released to the mainstream public. [Read In Our Vista Forum]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MySpace Pushing Malware WinAntiVirus\Drive Cleaner

Users of MySpace face a malicious software via ads in the form of WinAntiVirus\DriveCleaner\ErrorSafe. These are all rogue anti-spyware applications. It's the latest of dangers for the multitude of users. [Read\Discuss]

MS Extends XP\MCE Support to 2014

Microsoft has announce extended support for Windows XP and Windows Media Center Edition. This is good news for most of those users. As it is, the over all consensus has been that most will wait a while before upgrading to Vista. I don't see this as a good sales bolstering move. [Read\Discuss]

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MSN Live Messenger Trojan Out

This one is a password stealer so users need to verify before clicking links and always pay attention to re-directs to log in pages. Always click your original saved bookmark to get back to the correct page. Never trust re-direct links which require you to 're-log in'.

Storm Worm Spreading, Adapting

This latest email nasty has many variants with multiple titles and has changed its over all theme from news to romance. Be sure you don't answer any emails from unknown sources and have your av up to date. [Read\Discuss]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WinPatrol 2007

BillP, creator of WinPatrol has just announced WinPatrol 2007 Beta. And it has a kewl new feature: 'Delayed Start'.
[Read Discuss Here]

Friday, January 12, 2007

TeMerc vs PC ButtWipe: Round 2

Well it seems a mystery has begun. The cached post of Mr.ButtWipe where he called me a troll has reappeared in his blog archive. Interesting isn't? I'm sure he'll attribute that to some sort of blog glitch or something.

Another thing occurred too. Two of the names he mentioned as 'good guy' MS MVPs cannot be found on the public awardees site. There is tho one of them who is actually an MVP. It will be interesting when he is contacted about Mr.ButtWipe dropping his name and declaring him a 'good guy MS MVP'. I'm sure that he will be sure to add that amazing acknowledgement of being considered as a good guy MS MVP. I know I'd run and add it to my profile.

Speaking of my profile, you can see it off over there, to the right. Is there any such link on Mr.ButtWipes blog? Or any of his sites? I don't think so.

Well Brian, I suppose I also ought to give your name a search for in the MVP profiles, and see if it pops up, eh? Does Diane know you're up to no good? I can't imagine she would approve. Unless of course she is your female alter ego. Much along the lines of all the users who post in your defense.
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

PCButts: Coward Behind The Curtain

Well PCButts is making a saddened attempt to discredit me. He says I'm a troll because I am trying to get him to come out from behind the relatively appropriate handle of PCButts1. Of course we all know him more to be PCButtWipe1.

Why? Because in my opinion he is a lying, lowlife scumbag Internet softwaret thief. He even wrote a post about me back in December, but saw better to remove it, but I have a Google cache of the post. [Read Discuss]

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Zango Does Teen Porn...AGAIN!!

Well it looks like the scumbags over at Zango are at it again. Teen porn is their new frontier. This is one heck of a way to start off the New Year. [Read Discuss Here]