Thursday, January 11, 2007

PCButts: Coward Behind The Curtain

Well PCButts is making a saddened attempt to discredit me. He says I'm a troll because I am trying to get him to come out from behind the relatively appropriate handle of PCButts1. Of course we all know him more to be PCButtWipe1.

Why? Because in my opinion he is a lying, lowlife scumbag Internet softwaret thief. He even wrote a post about me back in December, but saw better to remove it, but I have a Google cache of the post. [Read Discuss]

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JeanInMontana said...

Tom I think it is not only your opinion that PCButtHead is a liar and a thief. I think it has been very well established that he is both those things and more. Most certainly he has shown himself to be a lowly chicken shit coward. He lacks the balls to allow any dissenters to post on his blog, calling them "trolls". He runs a troll proof blog.

Right, anyone can censor posts from a blog. Real men and real people allow for an opposing view point and back their arguments with real proof, not made up BS. PCButtHead you are a miserable low life coward. A Gollum of the PC community, poor Smeagol can't get his own Precious.