Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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New Blogspot Trickery?

This last weekend I was perusing the Blogspot domain for fake\rogue pages which re-direct users to fake scans to get malware installed. Or to try and goad users into purchasing fake security software, which in and of itself is also malware.

As I was tracking the sites, which btw is easy as pie if you know what to look for, I noticed a new trick they use. Instead of either having a pop up box which just slides down the page as you scroll or have you click a link to generate a pop up, they have the page load and if you click anywhere on the page, a new instance of IE starts up, at a fake scan page. No matter where on the page you place your mouse, if you click, that's what happens.

I'm having a look at how this is done and will provide more on that as I get the info.

I'm not coder by any strecth, so I need to talkk to someone who is.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Template= Zero Hits...WTF??

Ever since I changed the temlate on this blog, as of Oct 21, give or take, this blogs hits have tanked literally to zero, according to Google Analytics.

Yet, my referrer logs indicate blogspot domain links as the most linked from by far, which it has always been. How is this possible?

Maybe something I need to change in settings for analytics? Somethings out of friggin wahack here for sure.

Latest News & Info From The Forums-Nov 24

Latest Security & News Info

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forums Back Up...

Forums are now back up.....did anyone notice they were off? LOL

Forums Down-Unknown Reason

Not sure what I did, but something has taken the forum offline.

Awaiting support, hope to be up soon.