Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Blogspot Trickery?

This last weekend I was perusing the Blogspot domain for fake\rogue pages which re-direct users to fake scans to get malware installed. Or to try and goad users into purchasing fake security software, which in and of itself is also malware.

As I was tracking the sites, which btw is easy as pie if you know what to look for, I noticed a new trick they use. Instead of either having a pop up box which just slides down the page as you scroll or have you click a link to generate a pop up, they have the page load and if you click anywhere on the page, a new instance of IE starts up, at a fake scan page. No matter where on the page you place your mouse, if you click, that's what happens.

I'm having a look at how this is done and will provide more on that as I get the info.

I'm not coder by any strecth, so I need to talkk to someone who is.

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