Friday, August 31, 2007

Not Just Pr0n Sites Infect

So there you are thinking you're all safe and sound cause you don't surf those nasty pr0n sites and can't get slammed with nasties right? WRONG!

A honeypot study shows that the percentage of other types if sites that contain malware are right behind those adult content sites, and not that far behind either.

I guess we only hear more about the adult content sites because there are more people perusing those sites than others. Ever get infected by a site which looked' safe? Talk about it right here

Malware Authhors 'Spamdexing'

Looks like the malware scumbags have come up with a new tactic to try and rope in victims. They seed forums with bogus posts, luring users with pix of their fav celeb and then once at the site, users get prompted for a codec install.

It's called Spamdexing. Wanna voice your outrage? Read more and join the discussion

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Zango: Another Hit In The Bulkhead...YEAA

Well Zango has once again been beaten by the legal system. Their suit against a well known anti-virus company has been thrown out. That's twice in one two days even! Could this be the beginning of the end? We can only hope. Karma, it's a bitch. Read More And Share Your Opinion

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Storm Embedded Links In Blogs!

Sunbelt researchers find Storm related links, supposedly pointing to YouTube embedded in blogs. Read More Here

Ad-Aware 2007: Vista Ready

Lavasoft has finally come out with a Vista capable version of Ad-Aware.
Read More Here

Monday, August 27, 2007

MS WGA Servers Fixed

Well it appears that the WGA servers have been fixed. According to MS, only about 12,000 machines were affected. And I think more than half of them posted somewhere about it. Read More Here

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Zango Hijacking Search Results?!

OK, like this should surprise....................who? Certainly not anyone familiar with any of their other tactics at trying to gain installs via any sneaky way they can thing of.

Lowlife scumbags and the FTC let them slip right thru their fingers. Read More Here

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Storm Worm Tactic

It looks like the scumbags behind the Storm worm have changed things up again. Now they have begun to circulate spam with links 'supposedly' to YouTube, but in fact are bots controlled and designed to deliver malware. As usual, users need to be vigilant and never open any emails from someone you don't know, and even if you do know them, verify the contents of any links. Read More Here

MS WGA Servers Down, Chaos Ensues......Not Really

UPDATE: MS Claims to have fixed the problem, see forum thread.

Ok, it would seem there is a glitch with MS Windows Genuine Advantage servers. Users are being told thier copies of Windows are invalid. It affects Vista users more than most others. Just what MS didn't need. Read More Here

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rogue\Suspect Software Ads In Blogger Blogs

Recently while perusing Digg, I came across a blog on Google Blogger domains pushing rogue software, WinFixer to be specific. I buried it and with the help of another blogger, had it shut down.

Now we're on a mission, looking for more rogues. They seem to run in groups, and almost all are identical in design and content, with a big 'ad' right at the top.

We're hopeful that Google will step up and do something about what could be a very serious problem for unsuspecting users. It's not so much the software that's bad, but they want you to buy the stuff to remove threats and we all know that's a scam. Read More Here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Open Any eCards Lately? HijackThis Analysis Required

Well, if you have, shame on you. If you opened on and then clicked on the link contained therein, you ought to be smacked! People like you make spammers rich just on curiosity alone. WAKE UP!

NEVER open emails unless the sender is known to you. NEVER click a link in a suspicious email. If you have done so, you'll need to get HijackThis! from here
and install as instructed. Then post a log into my
Extraction Help Forum

Of course you'll need to register to gain access and post the log.

I'll be all over it, like white on 3, 5 or 10 day waiting at this forum, no sir.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update Your YaHoo IM

The folks at YaHoo have issued a security patch for their IM users. Read More Here

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tech Support Alert Mentions Us!

qtkbkOnce again my site has been featured in a newsletter which as it turns out has brought over two dozen new users to the site. After being mentioned in TechSupport Alert Newsletter the doors were busted down by people looking to join! An amazing display of how popular it is and how much they regard Gizmo's

They featured us as a site to get quick HijackThis! analysis.

I've been mentioned in several other newsletters, Clif Notes, InfoPackets, BootLIST, LanagList and Daves Computer Tips.

But none of those have ever generated this level of new user memberships. Not to take away from any of those publications mind you.

So thanks to everyone who joined, thanks to Gizmo(I emailed him personally to do so) and I hope the new users find the site\forum contains info they find helpful.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Got Pop Ups? Spyware? Unknown Rogue Apps?

Then you may have something on your system which you didn't ask for. Likely you're not sure where you even go it.

But help is just a few clicks away. Find out if your system is dragging due to malware installed, using up your CPU and making regular normal day to day operations a real painfully slow process.

With a HijackThis! log file I can help you find and remove these bits of annoying software\files\folders registry entries.

And it won't take 3 days. Or 5 days. Or 10 for that matter. I can get you going right away.

Join the forum and drop your log into the Countermeasures: Extraction Help section.

I'm waiting.

Weekly Round Up- Aug. 17 2007

Well the week started out with the concern over domain name parking and how users can be re-directed to malware sites via ads. Seems to be a growing trend, malware\rogue affiliates use legit means to sneak in thru the back door on viable sites.

Tuesday brought us a new blog by PayPal. Why this wasn't started sooner I have no idea. You'd think it would be a no brainer, so they could address the latest security concerns as it relates to phishing emails.

Wednesday was a busy day. We were warned about the threats about cyber squatting. This is when the bad guys buy up domains looking to make a fast buck. 248% increase in one year!

Wednesday was also the day we found that nearly 60% of are clueless as it regards to online threats. This day also brought us new ransomeware. Then there was the 0 day YaHoo! IM exploit

Thursday brought news of rogue DNS servers which could re-direct users to malware sites when errors were made looking for legit sites.

Friday looks sort of quiet so far. Just an article about ad servers perhaps clogging the Tubes. And a related one about some websites actually blocking FireFox users because they don't spend any money on said sites.

There was also an update to the Malwarebytes Rogues list.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Release: WinPatrol 2007 v12

I had a brief exclusive on this a few days ago, but now it's official, WinPatrol 2007 v12 now release to the masses.

What's new? A new Scotty icon which looks marvelous and there are two new report buttons, one provides a HijackPatrol log(similar to HijackThis!) and a SpreadSheet log button as well. It's now easier to access PLUS features as well
as update future options.

Read More Details Here