Monday, August 20, 2007

Tech Support Alert Mentions Us!

qtkbkOnce again my site has been featured in a newsletter which as it turns out has brought over two dozen new users to the site. After being mentioned in TechSupport Alert Newsletter the doors were busted down by people looking to join! An amazing display of how popular it is and how much they regard Gizmo's

They featured us as a site to get quick HijackThis! analysis.

I've been mentioned in several other newsletters, Clif Notes, InfoPackets, BootLIST, LanagList and Daves Computer Tips.

But none of those have ever generated this level of new user memberships. Not to take away from any of those publications mind you.

So thanks to everyone who joined, thanks to Gizmo(I emailed him personally to do so) and I hope the new users find the site\forum contains info they find helpful.

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