Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekly Round Up- Aug. 17 2007

Well the week started out with the concern over domain name parking and how users can be re-directed to malware sites via ads. Seems to be a growing trend, malware\rogue affiliates use legit means to sneak in thru the back door on viable sites.

Tuesday brought us a new blog by PayPal. Why this wasn't started sooner I have no idea. You'd think it would be a no brainer, so they could address the latest security concerns as it relates to phishing emails.

Wednesday was a busy day. We were warned about the threats about cyber squatting. This is when the bad guys buy up domains looking to make a fast buck. 248% increase in one year!

Wednesday was also the day we found that nearly 60% of are clueless as it regards to online threats. This day also brought us new ransomeware. Then there was the 0 day YaHoo! IM exploit

Thursday brought news of rogue DNS servers which could re-direct users to malware sites when errors were made looking for legit sites.

Friday looks sort of quiet so far. Just an article about ad servers perhaps clogging the Tubes. And a related one about some websites actually blocking FireFox users because they don't spend any money on said sites.

There was also an update to the Malwarebytes Rogues list.

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