Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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So there you are, a security vendor who uses some third party sources to supply security advice\ratings to be included in your product. Now, one would think that you would want said third party vendors to have something to offer which would aid in your product to be the best it can be.

Cost effectiveness can be one item, tho this is not always the case nor need it be.
Dependability comes to mind. What good is something if you can't rely on it? Not much.

Then there is always a matter of reliability, which when it comes right down to it, trumps the other two. If you can't trust them or the service\product they offer to be reliable, what's the point? In the end the one that suffers most is the end user.

Imagine now if you read the following, about a third party vendor, or rather all third party vendors who supply services to another product:
We don't consider our automated sources equally reliable

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If you don't trust them, why the hell are you using them? What sort of business uses resources\products\services it does not trust?Can you imagine if McAfee, Symantec or any other security vendor said that about someone who provided them such service?

Symantec just bought PCTools, do you think they trust them enough to improve the reliability of their product line? Ya, you betcha.

Did AVG trust Exploit Labs when they bought them out, with their LinkScanner tech? I'm sure they did.

Oh sure, maybe in this case there is no money exchanging hands, but to me at least, trust has a price on it that can't be calculated.

So, someone tell me how any security minded person can recommend a security tool from a company who gets something that is aided by third party vendors, when said security vendor does not trust the service it is geting from that third party?

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Forums Back Up...

Everything seems to have been restored.

Forums Getting There....

They're restoring back ups now, but hosting company says no eta on complettion of task.


Forums Down.....

Hosting company says they're having problems with their iSCSI storage array, I'll post updates here as I get them.

Sorry for any inconveineince.

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