Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Minor Additions To Malware Advisor

Hi folks, today I've added some things to my blog which were options of Blogger.

You can now see all my labels or tags as listed below in order of total posts per that particular label\tag.

I also now display people who are following me. Over at Feedburner this number was supposedly 51. Not sure how the Blogspot one will work and if it will get to that number.

I've also enabled the gadget so you can see some of the blogs I'm currently following. Mind you there are only a small amount there as I'm currently following close to 150 in my reader, but I don't want to add all those here.

Hope these lil additions will make following me easier or just improve the over all ease of use of the blog and perhaps searching.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Directi & HostFresh: Continued Cyber Crime Activity

Well it seems that Directi wasn't as sincere as they first indicated to rid themselves of association with cyber criminal activity.

Security researcher, developer and hpHosts owner Steven Burn has found a gang of scum as one of their customers.

As usual, he's gotten quite a bit of detail to support his findings.

Read all about it here