Friday, December 29, 2006

Beware SpywareBot &!!

Thanks to some info from the Sunbelt blog, this website, which was recently sold for $500,000 has an app associated with it that is less than dependable to say the least, SpywareBot.

Need to purchase to remove 3 mild registry entries, and over look dozens of malware files stored in a regular folder. Can you say 'scam'? Sure ya can, say it with me now.......[Read | Discuss Here]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scam Sites Storm!!

Scam sites have been on the upswing as of late, so I decided to make a sticky thread just to deal with them. They include sites that try to trick users into downloading some sort of POS anti-spyware (rogues)along with sites that try to goad users into downloading a codec file to view a particular video clip. Nine times out of ten, the user gets infected with Zlob\SmithFraud infections or goodness knows what else is lurking. [Read Discuss Here]

Monday, December 18, 2006

New Rogues & Fake Codec Sites

Three new anti-spyware rogues and two more fake codec sites appear for the week, guess the malware scumbags were busy getting ready for a holiday push. [Read|Discuss Here]

Thursday, December 14, 2006

PC Butts: Liar Extraordinaire

PCButts, Internet thief, liar and overall scumbag has now laid claim that he is an MS MVP. On the SiteAdvisor review page he claims he is and has been for 4 years. I think not. [ReadDiscuss Here]

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spam & Phish On The Menu Today

Well today has brought a few very interesting reads about spam\phish. One on how it's not going away, one about a new start up that wants to charge for access to your email account and another about a phishing group which may be responsible for nearly one third of all phish messages sent. Read and Discuss Here

MS Updates Available Now!

MS has readied a few critical updates for the month of December, go and get yours!! See Here

Phishers Ratchet Up Spoof Sites

Phishers use machine gun method to hit-and-run victims with record number of spoofed domains. Read and Discuss Here

MessPlus!: Adware As Usual

Prompted by a comment on her blog by a Patchou troll, Sandi Hardmeier, noted MS MVP gives Mess Plus! another scathing review.
Read and Discuss Here

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Zango, PG, MySpace & My First Article

Well it was yet another Paperghost\Zango bust fest. PG finds a profile on MySpace using an exploit which leads to a Zango site pushing Zango content vids. And of course you need to view the vids with the ever present Zango crapware. This stuff is almost as bad as the
I wrote about last week. Read and Discuss Here

This week was my first article to appear in the Dave's Computing Tips newsletter. Check The Forum

And we broke the record for the most ever users online too. Read and Discuss