Thursday, August 31, 2006

SmithFraud Rogue: VirusBurst

The latest rogue makes no obvious effort to appear to be much different than many of the other rogues. We need to be thankful these guys have a limited resource in their imaginations. Read More Here

SiteAdvisor Glitches

It would seem that McAfee SiteAdvisor has developed a bit of a hiccup with it's ratings system, or, perhaps their crawler has a bug in it.

Many of the well known anti-malware forums have been red-flagged in the last few days. Sites like Tom Coyote, CEXX and Ad-Aware Support forum.

These are obvious mistakes in the system somewhere. The SiteAdvisor group has been made aware of these mistakes and are taking action to correct them. It just won't be as fast as we would like.

I am rated as an 'Experienced Reviewer' and as such, my comments carry a little bit of weight in the ratings of sites. If you're aware of a site which needs some corrective commentary, be they good sites flagged as bad or visa versa, let me know and I'll work my mojo magic on them.

UPDATE: SiteAdvisor is attempting to whitelist these types of security forums and correct the problem.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gromozon Rootkit: Mutha Of Rootkits

Malware writers have out done themselves with this one. Variable DLs, dependant on browser. Hourly changes of said files from DL sites.

Rootkit detection tools don't detect in many cases. Fried test machines when researchers attempt analysis.

Oh and did I say there isn't really any fix for it yet? Well there is one, but it's not for the faint of heart or the technically challenged either.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dircect Revenue Scumbags Get Off Light

The scumbags at Direct Revenue get off lightly as a suit brought by the state of California gives very little if any real punishment.
That's truly a major disappointment. These lowlifes needed to be crushed.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

New SmithFraud\Zlob Variant: VirusRescue

Yet another SmithFraud\Zlob variant has hit the streets.

They call this one VirusRescue. But rest assured the only thing that will be needing rescuing will be your sanity as you come to find, after being duped into purchasing this POS that your system is running ragged and you have al sorts of pop ups.

And the scumbags who created this thing then tried to post into a fellow security advisor's forum and defend the app.

Mistake. BIG mistake. HUGE even.

Then people like PG and Moore from Bluetack get their engines revved up and carnage ensues. Not to mention the kick ass reply from Security Cadets. But it's the good kind of carnage, the kind where the bad guys get their asses whooped.

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