Friday, August 18, 2006

New SmithFraud\Zlob Variant: VirusRescue

Yet another SmithFraud\Zlob variant has hit the streets.

They call this one VirusRescue. But rest assured the only thing that will be needing rescuing will be your sanity as you come to find, after being duped into purchasing this POS that your system is running ragged and you have al sorts of pop ups.

And the scumbags who created this thing then tried to post into a fellow security advisor's forum and defend the app.

Mistake. BIG mistake. HUGE even.

Then people like PG and Moore from Bluetack get their engines revved up and carnage ensues. Not to mention the kick ass reply from Security Cadets. But it's the good kind of carnage, the kind where the bad guys get their asses whooped.

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