Friday, July 28, 2006

Zango:Busted Advising Affiliates On MySpace

Another chapter, this the latest in a series of amazing articles chronicling just how Zango pushes their software on MySpace.

But this time we have a confirmed, (by Zango)legit email to one of thier affiliates on how to proceed and suggestions on how much to pay and how to link to other Zango sites. Things like moving gifs because according to the email, 'people love that sh*t". And also mentioning adding in a karate guy doing flips, because it turns out that it's 'wayyyy more profitable'

Here is a snippet from the email:

"Zango is fairly new with MySpace sites and it took me some time to see what works and what doesn't." "Put one of our videos on to your MySpace profiles and all of your friends will see it" ...more profitably, *go to a bunch of your friends* who have popular profiles and pay them (it's up to you so much. One of my partners said 5$..maybe offer to split the money with them?) to put a Zango video into their profile through your site. This will give you hundreds of extra installs a day (this probably works even better than having them on your actual site).

So for all the posturing Zango has been doing you can only imagine how much this is going to twist the Zango PR guys shorts. And I bet he thought he was going to have the weekend off too.

Guess again scum, because if there is one thing we all know is that
Paperghost never takes time off. And is always honing his killer moves against adware bad guys.

Full read w\links @ VitalSecurity

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