Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Latest Hot Links In forum

PG finds some open direcories and gets him a boatload of inf about the scum behind MySpace fake profiles.
MySpace: Fake Profiles, How It's Done

Researchers gets sites shut down via collaborative effort. The power of the Web as a collective.
Google, eBay Thwart Phishing Schemes

Virus List's latest threats.
Malware Miscellany

Mac users will now begin to see malware aimed at them. But don't expect it to reach epic levels....yet.
Cybercrime Moves Beyond Windows

China shuts down over 44K porn related sites. Big deal.
File Under: Drop In The Bucket

MS drops some info about the next gen IE.

MS Confirms IE8 = 3 Render Modes

Another teacher accused of some sort of sexual contact with a minor.
Louisiana Teacher Facing PC Sex Charges

I don't know why they need a study for this. Anyone with half a wit knows ads suck
Web Ads Face Growing Opposition

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