Monday, January 14, 2008


This weekend was pretty light, news wise but today was steady, so I'll give a quick summary below.

The good people at Sandboxie released a new version over the weekend, so go and check that out. I'm loving using it. Very handy.

Always a favorite, the 2007 Darwin Awards have been named. It never ceases to amaze me some of the stupid things people do.

Got a $100 bill? Better be sure it's not one of these super counterfeited bills. But on second thought, they're so good who cares?

Symantec has encountered what they're calling an intelligent man-in-the-middle trojan. Malware is always evolving and for the average Joe Net user things like this become a problem. Unless of course you've got half a brain and never open unknown emails. Then it won't matter how damned intelligent the trojan is, will it?

PG alerts us to a prank on MySpace that changes your default language to Japanese. Easily fixed tho and no real harm is done.

The people behind MySpace, along with several AGs of some states today announce a new plan to protect kids from predators. This sort of effort always turns out win-win for all involved.

A security research company that analyzes websites visited by its clients employees, looking for malware spreading sites is baffled by the 'who' and 'why' of the hundreds of sites that were found.

Over at InfoWorld they've started a campaign to save XP from being discontinued, except it's not being discontinued at all.

More information about the Russian Business Network has been posted by DDanchev. This researcher knows how to track these guys. I'm sure they hate him. But that's good for us.

Over in the BUSTED! forum we have some convicted script kiddie hacker getting charged with extortion after hacking a MySpace profile. He demanded phone sex and nude pix of her to get her profile back. What a dweeb!!

Finally (whew) we have a report that the IRS has yet to fix 70% of IT related security holes since last year. Great, not only do we have to give them all this money they can't even keep our info safe once they do get it.

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