Monday, January 07, 2008

More News In Forums!!

Wow, forum has been busy since my last post. Well busy with me posting more stuff there anyhow. Why don't you all drop in and comment?

There seem to be more states adding laws that restrict computer forensics to 'official' investigators. This I'm sure is an effort to prevent those who 'think' they know what they're doing from actually doing more harm than good.

An opinion from a journalist expresses concerns over new TLDs as they may relate to new areas of spammer exploitation. Certainly a qualified concern. Lord knows we don't need any more areas to worry about. I know I'll be blocking any of those new ones.

Popular site got got hacked late last year, having personal info on users who bought from them in the last year or so stolen. Oppss. One would think a site named 'Geek' would keep extra secure software. Just goes to show you.

PG weighs in on what he thinks really happened with the whole Facebook\Zango 'spyware' situation. Reading it might just surprise you.

To finish off this latest entry we have an update on the wonderful gang over at RBN. They have a new set of servers ready to go. Thankfully we get a pretty ecent jump on this info thanks to the tireless efforts of a dedicated group of people.

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