Wednesday, January 09, 2008

IM Attacks, Botnet Birth, Banner Ads, Storm Worm & More

Another busy day of security news and other tidbits in the forum.

We'll start off with some stats about IM attacks, from FaceTime. They've come up with some percentages displaying which is the biggest target. Would it be MSN, AIM or YIM?

Sandi over at Spyware Sucks has some good news about rogue banner ads. Seems the offensive server has been firewall blocked. She rocks on these don't she? Heck she rocks on alot of stuff.

The RBN seem to be offering the Storm worm domains for sale or rent. This was not exactly something that wasn't foreseen. I've been keeping track of this and it was previously mentioned as a possibility.

Way back when the SoBig worm came out, it seems this was the birth of the botnet according to these researchers. I wasn't even involved in security back then, but I remember the news about SoBig. It seemed scary at the time. But then once I came to know the slightest bit about worms\spam\emails I realized it was the easiest thing in the world to avoid.

Researchers are saying that the 'shadow economy' of malware is worth about 105bn. Of course no one can really put a figure on this, because no one can know what these guys are actually taking in or spreading around.

ICANN is trying to put an end to domain name tasting in an effort to remove a loophole in the system. Many a poor soul have fallen victim to these asshats. Many people consider them nearly as bad as spammers. Can't say I'd disagree.

Well that's about it for now. That ought to be plenty of reading for you. Please take some time to share your experiences in our forums.

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