Thursday, September 07, 2006

PCBUTTS: Internet Software Thief?

This person has for the last year or so has been laying claim to several pieces of software which are used to fight malware. To just name a few:
SmithRem-Used against many of the SmithFraud\Zlob infections.

NailFix- Used against Aurora\Nail infections.

RogueFix- Used against some variants of SmithFraud

There are others as well. Some of these people he has allegedly ripped off are Microsoft MVPs.

When confronted he slanders his accusers, calls them vile names and is overall not someone who you would trust. He changes his Whois info and tries to hide his identity. He even began to offer help to users via email to avoid any detection by the security community.

Some of the originators of these scripts are contemplating legal action. But we all know how well that works on the Net.

The only other recourse is to try and shame him into doing the right thing. But based on comments found via a Google search for pcbutts it's an unlikely thing he will because it appears the right thing just isn't in his genetic make up.

But you can do the right thing, by spreading the word about this person. You can also do your part by complaining to the ISP hosting his site at:

Mr. Scott Knowles
Interland Shared Abuse Department Interland, Inc.
303 Peachtree Center Avenue, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30303
voice: 404-260-2477, opt 9 (ext 5260)

Sites to seek assistance with your malware problems can be located in a collection of links located on the ASAP directory.

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jahewi said...

Hi TeMerc,

Just did a little reading about PcButts.

Found a debat between PcButts and Nick Skrepetos.

Near the bottom of the page, there is a rather interesting piece of info, given to us by PcButts:
"I already have an attorney he's by business partner and my husband."

If PcButts is telling the thruth (questionable ...) and knowing that marriage of 2 men is (at least) rare in on our blue ball called Earth, then PcButts is telling us that HE is a SHE ....

jahewi :-)