Sunday, January 15, 2006

SpyAxe\SpywareStrike-SmithFraud Fix Updated

Noahadfear has updated his SpyAxe\SpywareStrike-SmithRem Fix to include more files and registry keys to search for removal. The version remains the same however.

After much research, he has come to the conclusion that 2 other apps were frequently DLed along with SpywareStrike to be included for removal with his search tool.

Video iCodec & Crystalys Media both installed on so many users machine it was an unlikely coincidence. He now also recommends using DelDomains to remove any 015 Trusted Zone entries in your HijackThis! logfile.

Users should upload new files if they have not since this evening. The detailed fix can be seen at Nick's Malware Removal Blog

If you are infected with SpywareStrike \SpyAxe feel free to post a HijackThis! logfile into my forum. I'll be more than happy to assist you in removal.

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