Saturday, January 07, 2006

How'd I Get Infected?

This is a question asked all too often by many people who get infected and are not fully aware of the dangers out on the Web. On this page I will address the most common ways and offer solutions to prevent infections from implanting themselves on your PC.

  • Problem: Infected via known exploits in the OS. IE/Windows OS is not properly updated with current critical patches from MS.
    Solution: Visit the
    Windows Update Page to ensure your completely up to date. You can also set up windows update to automatically run.

  • Problem: Infected by virus either by email or hacker because you have no AV or firewall installed.
    Solution: See the
    Must Have AV\Firewall Page. Several options there, some free, some not. No excuse not to have both, even if your behind a router.

  • Problem: Infected because you have no Countermeasures protection.
    Solution: See the
    Security Must Haves page for all your needs. Once again, most all are free with a couple of upgrades to pay for.

  • Problem: Infected because your IE security settings are improperly set.
    Solution: See this
    IE Security & Privacy Tweaks page. Excellent settings to keep most malwares at bay.

  • Problem: Infected by drive by download.
    Solution: Firstly, read
    this article by Eric Howes. A fascinating look into the sneaky way things get installed via a simple process. Then see the above page, for IE tweaks.

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