Saturday, January 07, 2006

Things you should NEVER do!

NEVER open email from anyone you don't know.

NEVER give out personal info to an inquiery via email. Call the company\institution in question or go to the company site you have bookmarked to verify they have indeed contacted you to validate.

NEVER click the link embedded into an email from any company to avoid phishing tactics.

Possible consequences of ignnoring above advice

NEVER click on any popup that appears on your desktop.

NEVER use the 'Close' button, instead use the Windows "X" (upper right corner) to close a pop up ad that looks like a Windows warning. You may already be infected, see here on what to do next:
I think I'm infected, what now?

NEVER surf without av\firewall or anti-spyware security apps, all properly updated, as well as an updated OS.

NEVER click 'OK' to a download box, unless you know what it is for. NEVER DL anythng without first reading the EULA.

NEVER DL anything without first checking it out.(forums, magazines, reviews)

Possible consequences of ignnoring above 4 items of advice

NEVER surf the web without getting more security tips and information at
TeMerc Internet Countermeasures

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