Friday, September 08, 2006

Zango Dismissal: Requested by Plaintiffs

The other day I mentioned that a lawsuit against Zango had been dismissed. Sad news all around, except for the asshats at Zango. They proclaimed:

"We have maintained from its inception that this case had no merit. The dismissal vindicates that position," said Ken McGraw, Zango's general counsel in the statement. "[This] serves to confirm that Zango's desktop advertising software is not spyware in any shape or form and that our business model is entirely legitimate," he added.

But the truth of the matter was, the lawyers for the plaintiffs requested the suit be dropped!! Yeah thats right. The merits of the case itself were not in question, but rather the case could not stand up to the qualifications to become a class-action lawsuit. The lawyers at The Collins Law Firm are anxious to talk to any other litigants to move forward and begin action again.

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