Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Forum Threads

Tuesday was a busy day in the forums. And I didn't get a chance to post 'as it happened' what with X-Mas stuff to get done still.

Direct Revenue is back in the news, with Dutch firms being fined for unauthorized installs. Who knew? Too bad the gang in the states didn't get what they deserved.

The Zone alarm\Ask.com toolbar thread links to some very interesting ommentary, mostly against, where there is always one guy who see the ruckus over naught. Probably one of the affiliates, they can never see the unethical side of things.

Speaking of Zone Alarm, there seem to be some problems with the latest updated version, so if you have it let us know if you're experiencing troubles.

Got Google's toolbar? Then you'll want to read this about an unpatched hole, leaving users exposed to phish attempts.

Bit Defender released its Top 10 Malware for '07 today as well. I don't suppose anything new will crop up to make the list.

Last but not least, a security researcher thinks Facebook's registration page asks for a little too much info about you and expresses concerns. To be honest, I think he has a point.

Well there you have it, lots of reading to catch up on....enjoy and don't forget to offer your thoughts. The forum only thrives when the people are heard.

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