Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Forum Roundup

Was a busy day and I didn't have time to post these as they were added to the forum so here's the round up.

A security and privacy researcher informs as to the effectiveness of crowd rating phish sites. His discovery may well shock you at how easy the system can be 'gamed'.

PG is out once again, donning his 'Godamm Batman' attire to show a script kiddie how easily they get 0wnd. Always a good read.

Anti-virus vendor AVG has subpoenaed major software and Internet companies to gain counterfeiters info and none of these companies have complied.

And some guys got busted over on MySpace for mass spamming so you know it won't be a very good X-Mas for those guys...I know a tear welled up in my eye too....NOT!!

Then the good folks at eWeek share with us a researchers reverse engineering of malware that showed how very complex and professional it is in it's distribution.

Finally we have some launch dates for F-1 cars in '08 and the hpHosts competition comes to an end.

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