Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hot Phish & Spam Links, Cookie Issues & HP Laptop Security Woes

Once again, the Phish & Spam forum are taking the bustling 'n' hustling title for the day. Symantec has a new trend to speak of, fake newsletters. Anything you can think of, spammers will try. And then some.

From a respected security analysis, we get an overlook of the last year in spam. Trends new and old, site life for phishes and more.

As spam increases each year, it climbs higher as a total amount of email sent. These numbers almost can't be believed, upwards of 90% were spam in '07

Own an HP laptop? It appears some of the software involved exposes users to a risk of getting hijacked

For the last entry into the daily grind we have a couple of tools which may allow some cookie security holes to be exposed or created. There may finally be a reason to fear cookies.

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