Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekly Round Up

As I was away for most of the week, I'll give a little round up of what's been posted since my return.

Another Fake MS Email Update Alert

As usual, don't click these emails, you're likely to need a visit to our Extraction Forums

Why We Click On Spam

A bit of research into the hows and whys of the social engineering tricks spammer use.

Another Storm On The Net

Latest variants of the Storm worm have resurfaced and are filing inboxes over the Net.

iPhone Hype = Malware Ripoffs

It didn't take long for first iPhone scam site\malware to surface.

Cybergangs Duke It Out On Net

Rival gangs expend time on eachother, which could be good for us.

Matrix Needs An Adjustment Perhaps?

Net traffic has spiked in some parts of the world with no exact cause pinned down as yet.

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