Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MS Updates, Julie Amero, YouTube Worm, HijackThis!

This months Windows updates are out, be sure to check them out. Four critical ones, one important and one moderate.

Malware researchers have banded together to help prevent a fiasco such as the Julie Amero case from ever happening again. It has some very prestigious malware researchers involved, its called the Julie Group

And a new worm uses a video from YouTube to infect users. While they watch the vid, malware downloads a trojan to steal your info. I'm surprised there has not been more of this, read on.

Finally I have HijackThis! analysis available and it's fast too. No days of waiting to get assistance to remove malware. So if you have any unwanted software on your machine, join the forum and drop a log into Countermeasures: Extraction Help forum.

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