Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spyware Help: Intent Matters Alot:Part 2

It's been a little over a year since I last blogged about it, and it seems it's time for another go.

The last week or so, I have noticed a pattern of links showing up on Digg which purport to take care of all your woes dealing with the latest SmithFraud\Zlob variant, Spylock(ed). They were posted usually a couple of days apart and rarely had more than one digg.

Now it's not so bad that websites offer to fix you up with the latest rage-in-the-cage type malware infection. I'm all for sites which do this, it's what I do too.

The big difference here is of course, you won't find me, nor anyone associated with me, plastering forums with a tag team duo to direct users to my site. Like here, here, here and here. These people, much like the first group I blogged about have only one thing in mind: to make money of site traffic\clicks. That's it. They don't care about your machine whatsoever.

This group appears to be related to SpyHunter\Enigma Software Group. They have been pretty quiet for some time. But it appears
that with each of the downloads from 411 sites, they are installing SpyHunter.

So once again, a once dormant rogue rears its ugly head out from the shadows, to spam forums and newsgroups and the occasional social networking site. You really can't change this tigers stripes.

Greed is as greed does to take a cue from Forrest.


ShadowPuterDude said...

It would appear the Spybot Search & Destory thinks SpyHunter is Malware.

From their updates on 11 April:
++ Zango.AntiSpamBar ++ Zango.Seekmo
+ Perfect Keylogger (2) ++ WideStep
++ Free-Key-Logger + InetLoader + Smitfraud-C. (2) + SpyDawn + SpyHunter ++ Win32.Agent.ahd ++ Win32.Optix.b
+ 1und1Bill.Fake + Hupigon + NumbSoft + Win32.Lager.aq ++ Zlob.MovieBox + Zlob.PrivateVideo + WarezP2P
Total: 373599 fingerprints in 64879 rules for 2804 products.

Luke said...

Yeah, scums really. But you should also consider that some individuals (surprising many are considered "reputable" in these circles) pretty much do the same thing, even though their aim isn't to earn $$$ but rather for vanity and self-promotion purposes (since high profile = cred).

They spend a lot of time, worrying about how the digg system works, and whether their blog entries is ranked highly by Digg.

PS I'm not referring to you.

TeMerc said...

Thanks for commenting guys.

Luke who would you be referring to then, if not me?

I'd love to see some examples, or a specific one for that matter, don't be shy now. You've made an accusation, so lets work it out and see if it's correct.