Sunday, April 15, 2007

So, Do YOU Pay Attention?

Over in the forums, I posted about how many users simply fail to recognize a broken security measure and they log in anyway.

Until the regular Joe Q. Net users wakes up, phishing will always be a lucrative means of income for malware writers. Join the conversation:

Website Authentication Measures Ignored by 92%


kurt wismer said...

it is the nature of human perception to fill in missing pieces, so any security measure that depends on people noticing when something is missing is going to fail... badly...

TeMerc said...

But really, how long will it take for end users to get a clue. Maybe the key is to make such security icons larger in scale so end users can't miss them.

The smallish icons presently displayed certainly don't lend them selves to 'CHECK ME OUT TO SEE IF I'M LEGIT' type of notability do they?