Thursday, April 06, 2006

NY AG Targets Direct Revenue

A lawsuit filed in Supreme Court of the State of New York seeks an order barring Direct Revenue from secretly installing spyware or sending ads through existing spyware programs. Reuters

Direct Revenue Rebuts New York Attorney General's Charges April 05, 2006

Direct Revenue has recently come under fire from Spitzer's office for a wide range of questionable practices. See Chris Boyd's write up. Now the company is going on the offensive and rebuts the charges.

"This lawsuit is a baseless attempt by the Office of the Attorney General to rewrite the rules of the adware business. It focuses exclusively on the company's past practices - practices we and other industry leaders changed long ago - and says not a word about what we're doing today," said a company spokesperson. "We are proud of our products and the value they bring to both advertisers and consumers?the former by delivering positive, measurable results for their ad dollars, and the latter by offering free content and applications in exchange for viewing a few targeted advertisements per day.

80 Nails And Counting
Everyday brings with it an even more tightening coffin lid. Well it would seem that the clowns over at Direct Revenue have really gotten themselves into a pickle. Not only is NY AG Spitzer on their collective asses, which is bad enough, Ben Edelman has created a detailed and very damaging list of documents which outline the case. So if you want to read some extremely damaging accounts of how they:

1. Joked about user complaints
2. Conceded they don't much worry about if users get their software legitimately
3. Discuss the use of installing a Control Panel to ease removal, but worry more about the success rate of said removals.

Click this link to Ben Edelman's write up You won't believe your joke.

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