Friday, April 07, 2006

MessengerPlus: Now Includes Rogue & Adult Content

Just found this posted by one of the MS MVPs. Pretty amazing stuff, just goes to show you how greedy this scumbag is. It would appear as tho Patchou has tweaked his sponsor program yet again, but this time he has added some links and things to Adult Friend finder, which is not something any right minded coder would do, unless of course they were just a greedy bastard.

And btw, due to the fact that so many young people use this app, how is it that a guy could add something like this? Does this clown any sense of morality? Young kids may be subjected to some adult type of popup or dating services?

Come on, I'm amazed anyone can use this program with or wothout the sponsor program and support the person behind it. Oh yeah, and now they are also pushing a anti-spyware app that, guess what? It's on Eric Howe's rogue list!!! This guy has really done it this time.
Sandi Hardmeier MS MVP-Security Blog

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