Sunday, March 29, 2009

CyberDefender Tech Support Uses MBAM & Charges User $250

CyberDefender Tech Support Use MBAM & Charge $250

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Bernadette said...

Wow, I had a completely different experience. I got the $40 version, and it cleared off all the viruses that their 'free' scanner found. After that, I had no problems and Cyberdefender has been working great. Last month, got attached by Antivirus 2009 - and cyberdefender alerted me to it and got much of it off my system. Still I had some browser issues, and contacted thier 24/7 help line, and they went into my system and in 20 minutes had it all taken care of. They were great, so it seems that there are these compaints, but they have millions of users so it can't be that bad a product - and my experience has been very positive.