Thursday, April 03, 2008

TeMerc System Crash! Apr 3

Hey folks I've suffered a drive corruption and need to either repair or re-install windows today.

I won't be updating front page until I'm all up and everything is running properly.

Wish me luck!


Clif said...

Maybe you can take a moment and tell us how you had your PC backed up?

How and what do you plan to re-install?

What's the basic protection software that you'll have on it?

Good luck!

TeMerc said...

Hi Clif, sorry I missed this comment to moderate.

I have a Seagate 250GIG external drive I got X-Mas.

It did a fine job, except it didn't back up the site files. thankfully I had Steven back em up for me, so I got lucky.

I installed XP Pro, had home. Not much for security, like I had previously, av, fw, IE-SPYADs, hosts file, SpywareBlaster, WinPatrol, SiteAdvisor, maybe some other things to try.

I posted a couple of things in the forum, regarding back up apps here:

I added the Karens app to the system for some redundancy and am also manually backing up site files every other day to my other partition and to an online service from MS, SkyDrive.