Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google BlogSpot:Malware Source Part 2

Yes, that's right, the BMG have recently changed things up for the worse since last time.

Now you can get, along with the latest info in the blog sphere, a Vundo\Virtumondo infection, any form of SDBot variants, RDBot backdoors and Zlob infections. Of and it goes without saying you'll also be able to get the generic annoying type of adware that comes with the previously mentioned goodies.

And I didn't have to do a thing, just land on one of the thousands and thousands splogs which are set up just to do this, spread malware. Google knows about them. Myself and one of the Blog*Stars have communicated information all about this amazing nastiness running around. All you have to do is go 'Next Blog' hunting. But I warn you not to do this unless you have a machine you don't care much about and has no data on it, because these blogs can crush the average machine to bits.

See what I got with no effort at all. And pray you don't ever run into one of these. Google BlogSpot: Great Place For Malware

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