Friday, March 24, 2006

Possible New Rogue: SpywareQuake


There has been a fix created over at Bleeping Computing. Spyware Quake Fix


OK, it appears the culprit dll in this variant is: stickrep.dll

It will be located in the system32 folder. Deleting that along with the Spyware Quake related folder and SpywareQuake.exe may remove the infection entirely. Still waiting for more reports, first one in seems to have worked. Unsure if running the SmithRem fix is absolutely needed at this time, seeing as it can't be included in the database as yet. See here


There are 4-6 of these in a few forums. And all are exhibiting the same types of symptoms as SpyFalcon\SpywareStrike\AlphaCleaner and all the other variants. More to come soon.

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