Thursday, February 09, 2006

Freedownloadhq Follow Up

In a follow up to my first mention of Freedownloadhq, the gang at SiteAdvisor have posted a detailed account of the non-existent customer service they have encountered. Amazing how sites like this stay in business, but if we all spread the word, perhaps they will be taken down for the count, or, at the very least, have a significant decrease in traffic. Read More Here


g8master said...

I had a bad experience with I authorized $1.66 for a one month membership and they debited me for $34.92. I went back and got screenshots of every page that I went to. They never mentioned any additional charges. They also said in one area that they would prosecute any charge backs to their account. ...Bob

PS: I typed in Adobe Acrobat and they were the first listing on google. I used to think that was an indication of respectability.

Jeff said...

I also got zapped for 35 bucks / I was wondering if anyone has been recharged after the one year was up? Do i need to cancel my great one year membership and hope for the best? I am lossing faith in the internet last month i got blasted by that 360 file sharing sote for 50 buck when i was told 15 on the site. I give up! ill stick with itunes and


Jeff said...


Jeff said...

I also got zapped for 35 buck and was wondering if anyone got recharged after the year membership was up?

TeMerc said...

Thanks for commenting guys.

If there is one thing users should always take with a grain of salt is first hits on Google.

Just because they are on top, does not mean they are the best or correct.

SiteAdvisor is exactly what this type of search is good for. Their ratings system, while perhaps flawed in some ways, can help users descern the scam sites from the legit ones.

I would be sure and contact your respective CC companies and alert them of the scam, give them links to the SA write up.